Tuvayhun: Beatitudes for a Wounded World

Cadogan Hall

The UK premiere of Tuvayhun—Beatitudes for a Wounded World by Kim André Arnesen. Our world is a wondrous place but it is also a deeply troubled place, in need of messages of inclusion, trust, kindness, compassion, humility, and mutual respect. As part of the message to embrace our differences, Tuvayhun is a hybrid choral work with elements from classical, jazz and world music. All box office proceeds from this performance will be sent directly to musicians in Ukraine.

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The Concert Programme

Music from University of Montana Chamber Chorale

Tuvayhun: Beatitudes for a Wounded World by Kim André Arnesen

James M. Meaders - Conductor

Augustana Lutheran Church, Colorado - Choir

Columbus Choral Society, Mississippi - Choir

Greenville Choral Society, North Carolina - Choir

Tri-State Community Choir, Alabama - Choir

University of Montana Chamber Chorale, Montana - Choir

Vox Populi, Kent - Choir

Weald of Kent Grammar School, Kent - Choir

Weston Choral Society, Somerset - Choir