Frequently Asked Questions

Do we learn the repertoire before coming to London?

YES! The rehearsals in London are dedicated to polishing the music and unifying the sound. All of the singers should know the music thoroughly before arriving in London.

How many singers will be on stage?

For our festival concert performances of large-scale choral works, there will be 100-150 singers on stage.

Will the composer be in attendance?

Our concerts are designed to highlight and showcase the wealth of music that is being created by today’s international composers. It is our goal that these composers are with us through the rehearsal process and culminating performance to discuss their music and interact with our performers.

What is the schedule?

We will plan to have 8 hours of rehearsal together prior to the day of the performance. This will usually be in the form of one morning and one afternoon rehearsal beginning 2 days prior to the concert.

Is there time for sight-seeing?

While your focal point is your concert in London, we want you to see as much as possible in this historic, beautiful city. With that in mind, your schedule will reflect an intentional balance of singing and sightseeing, with all of your evenings free except the day of the concert.

Will we sing with orchestra?

It entirely depends on the repertoire, but the majority of our concerts will include professional orchestral musicians.

What is concert dress?

Concert black is our standard, and a black folder is required. Dress should reflect the professional standards of Vox Anima London.

Does Vox Anima London also assist with travel?

While we do not deal directly with the travel portion of our groups’ experience, we have trusted partners who will work closely with you to custom-design an experience for your group. We will happily connect you with these partners.

How much does it cost to perform with Vox Anima London?

Each of our concerts is a bespoke experience. Please email your enquiry, and we will happily contact you to discuss the possibilities.