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Testimonial from David Searles

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No amount of “thank yous” can explain how truly grateful I am for your invitation. The celebration dinner was beautiful and the venues were a dream to perform in. This was an unforgettable experience.

Jamie Ovalle - Director of Orchestras, Martin High School Arlington, Texas

Last night’s concert was like a little piece of the ACDA came to London’s @cadoganhall and it was wonderful! I loved singing the beautiful solos in Dan Forrest’s Jubilate & meeting singers from all over the world. Fun chatting to singers from my @voces8 US tours too Thank you @voxanimaldn & congratulations on a great show. Also the after party with 150 people was a lot of fun!

Emily Dickens - Soprano Soloist

Signed autographs for a while today, and for each person as they greeted me, I didn’t know whether it would be a Southern US accent or a variety of British accents. Loved every bit of it!

Dan Forrest - Composer in Residence

Sometimes a day’s work is coming up with nothing worthwhile and hoping the next day is better. And then sometimes a day’s work is listening to a dear friend conduct your largest work in a beautiful hall in London with (literally) the finest string section I’ve ever heard play my music and the finest vocal soloist I’ve ever gotten to collaborate with...all at once. So, so thankful.

Dan Forrest - Composer in Residence

Such an incredible evening of music making and wonderful memories! So thankful for this opportunity to perform yet another amazing major work by the incredible Dan Forrest on the same stage with some of the most influential people in my life. My heart is so full

Teresa Scott - Choir

To be on stage in London with not only my former voice teacher Dr. Viola Dacus, conducting mentor Dr. Jamie Meaders, my sister Reese Scott, and SO many unexpected friends from the States and England is overwhelming. So thankful to have been a part of this (and to get my score signed by Dan Forrest at the part of the beautiful 2nd Alto line). To Alexandra and the amazing Vox Anima team, thank you! I hope to do this again!

Christian Scott - Choir

What an amazing experience...this is what my trip to London was all about! A beautiful concert performed by so many talented performers from the U.S. and U.K.!

Congratulations Jamie Meaders and Alexandra Meaders! #voxanimalondon #cadoganhall

Paula Zackeru - Audience

Absolutely - amazing work both in front and behind the scenes by the whole Vox Anima gang! Being sung Happy Birthday by 200 people at the aftershow party was pretty sweet too

Simon Fowler - Choir

Thank you to both volunteers and staff at Vox Anima for making Jubilate Deo such a memorable and special choral experience.

Mindy LaHood - Choir

Easily one of the coolest experiences of my life. So honored to have been a part of it and to have worked under Jamie Meaders, who’s such a talented conductor who just in the short time taught me so much about leading an ensemble, and to sing the music of my favorite living composer, Dan Forrest, in front of him was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you so much!

Brandon Dearmon - Choir

Thank you Vox Anima for the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with others as Jamie Meaders masterfully unleashed the power of choral music.

Doug Grogan - Choir Director

Wonderful experience singing with Vox Anima London. The volunteers were amazingly helpful to all of us & made the singing experience the best ever. Thanks for the invite Jamie. Till next time

Carolyn McLarnan - Choir

This was an unforgettable experience! So special. Thank you all for making it possible. I was so impressed with the professionalism of each staff member. So courteous and knowledgeable, they all helped make the gathering of such a large group run so smoothly!!

Heather Odom - Choir

Truly an amazing experience! Thank you for everything you did to make it all possible.

One of my most meaningful trips and performances.

Cherie Boone - Choir

Fabulous evening! Well done to everyone involved.

Ann Cloke - Audience

It was astounding! We loved every minute!

Janet Mardel - Audience