Devi Jameson

Ensemble Director

Devi Jameson is the director and the force behind Rockridge Chorale. Of Indian heritage, she was born in Shanghai and grew up in India where she developed her love of and skills at piano and choral music. After moving to the US she continued studying music and directing church choirs while pursuing her career as a Public School Director, and raising three children. She and her husband live in the Rockridge area of Oakland California and enjoy the company of three beautiful grand children.

In 2003 Devi started her own community choral group, called the Rockridge Chorale, limited to 32 well trained singers. The group sings 10-15 concerts a year in senior centers, hospitals and retirement facilities. Once a year a large choral production is held that is open to the public. The group has on many occasions joined other choral groups and produced larger concerts with the intention of fund raising for needy organizations. The group has raised funds for Darfur, Save the Children, National Association for the Mentally Ill, and numerous other causes. Under Devi's leadership, the chorale sang the Haydn Lord Nelson Mass at Carnegie Hall and Carmina Burana under the auspices of DCINY (Distinguished Concerts International New York) The group has travelled to Bangalore, India and to Newcastle UK to perform joint concerts. The Rockridge Chorale has sung at Durham Cathedral in the UK and other venues in England and India.